Our opinion on Bear and Bunny sweatshirts

Notre avis sur les sweat-shirts Bear and Bunny

Bear and Bunny is a recognized brand that offers warm and comfortable sweatshirts ideal for your Netflix and Chill winter nights. The brand is committed to using high quality and 100% vegan products in order to be part of an ethical and sustainable perspective.

Bear and Bunny sweatshirts are ideal for men, women, and even children, their velvet-like texture makes you think of a blanket that you want to cuddle. In addition, they are available for all sizes from XS to XXL.

Equipped with a double layer, a large hood and long sleeves, the Bear and Bunny sweatshirts can protect you from the cold like the fur of a bear. The huge pocket on the front allows you to hide your hands while you watch your favorite series.

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Made from 100% Vegan, the vegan sherpa used by Bear and Bunny in their sweatshirt gives a plush and cute appearance that transports you to a world of softness. This patented insulating material not only retains heat but also prevents perspiration odors. In addition, the sweatshirts are machine washable in cold and dry very quickly.

Our opinion on the delivery offered by Bear and Bunny is very positive. The sweatshirts are delivered within 7 days of shipment and the site even offers 24-hour express shipping. Bear and Bunny delivers all over Europe and Canada and the after belly service is more than satisfactory. In addition, it is possible from their site to track your order in real time.

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In order to be able to enjoy this warm winter, Bear and Bunny is offering you a 15% reduction code: BEAR15 on their entire store.

You just have to go make your own Bear and Bunn sweatshirt reviewsy by going to their site.