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Bear and bunny : Les pull plaid : MON AVIS

For your evenings as a couple or with the family, bear & bunnys sweatshirts are surely the ideal companions! Combining the advantages of a sweater and those of a plaid, the bear & bunnys will keep you warm all night long. Too many people still find themselves left behind when it comes to sharing blankets. But if everyone had their own bear & bunny, no one would spend the evening in the cold with the corner of the plaid.

Avis bear and bunny


The bear & bunny hoodies are both comfortable and warm. The exterior of the sweatshirt is made of premium fleece. It is a very soft and resistant material that will not fluff over time. The sweater is lined with a vegan sherpa interior that will keep you warm without making you sweat. The sweatshirt is machine washable and dries easily indoors and outdoors.


The original bear & bunny model will easily fit all family members. Although it is only available in one size, it fits both an XS and XXL size. In addition to that, the bear & bunnys are available in several colors. From powder pink to burgundy through midnight blue and gray, there is something for everyone!

 Bear and bunny avis

Europeans as well as Canadians can already buy bear & bunnys. You will receive your sweatshirts 7 days after dispatch, but if you don't want to wait that long, the express delivery option will allow you to be delivered within 24 hours. And rest assured, it is quite possible to track your package in real time.


And for those who are not yet convinced by their products, bear bunny offers its new customers an exclusive promotional code valid now on their entire store.

By entering the code BEAR15 you will benefit from a 15% reduction on your first order. Don't wait any longer, go to the bear & bunny website to form your own opinion